Brian Kane Jazz

Classic Swing and the Great American Song Book

Brian Kane Jazz offers jazz saxophone and vocal interpretations of the Swing Era and Great American Songbook for any occasion. Whether it’s the swing bands of the 1940's like Glen Miller, Duke Ellington and Benny Goodman, the great songwriters like Irving Berlin, Rodgers and Hart, and Cole Porter or the great singers like Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, and Louis Armstrong, my extensive repertoire can fit any occasion.

Brian’ solo performances feature his renowned saxophone and vocals with recorded jazz trio background tracks. This elegant and professional option gives clients the sound of a complete jazz quartet with vocals at a reasonable price. There are serious benefits to Brian’s solo jazz performances:

  • • These performances offer the sound a full jazz quartet without having to stress a budget and hire four different musicians.

  • • These solo performances can set up in a much smaller space than even a single cocktail pianist.

  • • Brian is able to carefully control every aspect of volume in these shows for the ideal listening experience. These performances can be either all instrumental or with vocals.

  • • Brian can play wedding ceremonies on classical flute with beautiful prerecorded piano accompaniment or a live pianist.

Why settle for just cocktail piano when Brian’s solo performances can give you the sound of a full quartet at the same price?

If a larger group is within your budget, the band can be expanded to a live duo, trio or quartet featuring only the finest professional jazz musicians in New England.

Brian has performed in over 2500 live shows at venues across the United States with some of the greatest jazz musicians in the world. Brian is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music, a noted music educator, and the author of 10 books. Whether it’s a small private affair or large public event, you can be assured that Brian will provide the highest level of musical ability and the professionalism it takes to make your event a success.



For a price quote for a performance please fill out the on-line form, call me at 617-721-7635, or email bkanejazz at

Performances can be any length and can include Brian on different saxophones, flutes, and vocals with prerecorded jazz trio backgrounds.

Wedding Ceremony and cocktail hour combinations are also available. During a wedding ceremony Brian can play classical flute with recorded piano accompaniment and then switch to saxophones and jazz for a swinging cocktail hour.

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